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Girl meets world fanfiction farkle self harm

Hey guys, this is another story but it's a collection of one-shots and drabbles about the one and only Lucaya:. Girl meets support- Lucas notices some scars on Maya's wrists whilst they're on their class trip. Lucas knocked harder this time. He stepped away as panic took over his mind. He heard a soft breath from the other side of the door, Lucas visibly relaxed as he heard her soft voice when she opened the door. I hope this isn't a habit.

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I was given a couple ideas, and I was originally going to go with one, but found a way to work in both ideas into this fic. I got real emotional writing this, and those that know me know that it's hard to get me to cry when reading a sad fic.

So grab a box of tissues, and enjoy. Maya sat in front of her computer screen, staring at blank document. She had a paper due in Mr. Matthews' history class on Monday, and nothing was coming to her mind.

Sure, she had all weekend to complete it, but ever since she found out how competitive it is to get into a good art school, Maya tried to complete her homework to the best of her abilities, and as soon as she could. She closed the laptop and slumped in her chair.

Maybe I'm thinking too hard. Perhaps a walk will help. Maya stood up and headed out the apartment door. There was no particular place Maya was headed, just anywhere to clear her mind. After walking a few yards, Maya felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She pulled it out and smiled when she saw it was from Riley. But when she opened the text, the smile disappeared and her stomach dropped. The hospital was about a block from where she was, so it was pointless to take the subway. Maya slid her phone back in her pocket and ran towards the hospital as fast as her legs would allow her.

As she rounded the corner, Maya ran through several different scenarios of what could have happened, and all of them terrified her. She burst through the hospital doors and saw them in the waiting room. Riley was wrapped in her boyfriend's jacket while her head rested on Lucas' shoulder, her eyes red and swollen. Lucas' face looked drained, as if a huge part of his life had been taken from him. Then it hit her. Where is Farkle?

Maya tried to ask her friends, but majority of the sentence got caught in her throat. All she was able to say was, "…F-Farkle? Maya stood there frozen. No, no, no how can this be happening?

She squeezed her eyes shut, hoping this was all a dream, and when she opened her eyes she would be in her room staring at the ceiling. But when Maya opened her eyes, she, Riley, and Lucas were still in the waiting room. Lucas wrapped his arms around Riley and kissed the top of her head. He wanted to do more to comfort her, but it was hard to comfort someone when you were grieving as well. Both of her friends shook their heads in unison.

The trio of friends fell silent as they waited to hear anything on their friend. About a half hour later, Farkle's father, Stuart Minkus, came out to the waiting room. Maya, Riley, and Lucas walked over to see him, but they knew whatever news he had wasn't good. Tears brimmed Minkus' eyes, threatening to spill over.

Another long silence fell over the group. None of the teenagers could imagine their life without Farkle, and they didn't want to have to live it. Minkus nodded and led them all to Farkle's room. Riley and Lucas stepped inside, but Maya didn't follow.

Maya took a moment to respond, but finally shook her head. Riley nodded and closed the door behind her. Maya leaned up against the wall and slid down into a sitting position.

Despite never needing one herself, Maya hated hospitals. The awkward silence of it always sent a shiver down her spine. Maya heard something like someone's breathing hitch. She looked up and saw Minkus, finally not able to control the tears.

Maya wanted to say something to help comfort him, but she didn't know what to say. She wanted to say something positive about the situation, but she didn't know if Farkle would pull through despite the doctor's grim outlook. That and she didn't really know Stuart Minkus all that well. They had met a handful of times in the past, but they never really sat down and talked like she did with Mr.

Minkus quickly wiped his eyes. Maya stood up and faced the door. Her stomach was churning with nerves. She took a deep breath and finally entered the room. No matter what she did, Maya was not prepared for what she saw.

Farkle was a shade paler than he usually was. His lanky frame was battered, bruised, and had small cuts all over. Half of his face was covered with a bandage, presumably from surgery earlier. Maya hated to imagine the damage that she couldn't see. He was connected to several monitors that beeped and indicated that he was still alive, for now. Maya walked closer to the bed. She looked at the oxygen tank beside him.

Her eyes watered when she realized he wasn't breathing on his own. Seeing him at his worst made Maya's heart swell. But then again, so did Farkle seeing her at her worst several years ago.

For the longest time, Maya had wondered why her parents ended up splitting. And now that she knew, she wished she never found out the answer. Earlier that afternoon, Maya had been walking home from the Matthews' apartment. Now that it was summer time, she didn't have to worry about school, and she was grateful for that. Eighth grade didn't start for another month, and she was looking forward to enjoying the rest of her summer. Maya was about to open the door to her and her mother's apartment when she heard voices coming from inside.

One was her mom, Katy. The other, she couldn't place. Maya opened the door and saw her mom talking to a man about Katy's age. She recognized him from older photos. Travis glared at Maya when she entered. Maya felt her heart sink. She's nothing but a burden on you, on me, and on others! But no, you wanted to keep her to see if she could help us come back together, which didn't work anyway. And now look at you. Maya's jaw dropped as her eyes filled with tears as she heard Travis say other things about her that she didn't want to repeat.

Maya opened her window, climbed down the fire escape, and took off to her thinking place. The bridge that led to a park nearby.

Maya hugged her knees close to her chest and sobbed. Does everyone see me as a burden? She never tried in Mr.

Matthews' class, despite his several efforts for her to do otherwise. She always got Riley into trouble, and she did nothing but tease Lucas.

If she asked Riley if she was a burden, Riley would deny it. But then again…Riley's biased. She looked at the reflection of the moon in the small manmade stream that she sat in front of. Maya lowered her hands onto the pebbles she sat on, and found a sharper stone. She picked the stone up and held it in her hand. There were a couple times where she had thought about cutting, thanks to Missy, but had managed not to. The thought of cutting was soon pushed out of her mind when she heard someone off in the distance, coming closer to her location.

Maya clenched the stone in her hand and shuffled into the shadows, hoping whoever it was wouldn't find her. Maya faced away from the nerd and didn't say anything. Farkle shuffled over to where Maya was sitting and plopped down beside her.

Farkle was just laying on the floor I didn't know what to do Eventually the ambulance came and rushed in.

I've been super busy, I started college and that makes it very hard to write and post. Plus I had some issues going on, but then it inspired me to write.

Please do not read this if that upsets you. Maya sat down at the wooden desk in her room, staring down the pocket knife on the edge of it. It had been two weeks since Riley had caught her in the middle of her dirty little secret, which was pretty much the worst case scenario. Since then she had been seeing the school counselor twice a week. It was the only way Riley would agree to keep this secret between the two of them.

The first day Billy made fun of him for his turtlenecks and being weird, it didn't really get to him. Farkle was used to being called weird so it wasn't anything unusual; he was proud to stand out. So he just went about the rest of his day normally. Of course he didn't tell anyone, he didn't think anything of it. When it happened the next day, Farkle started to think. Maybe his turtlenecks were weird. He just decided to try and forget about it. It's not like they were costing him friends-he had three great friends who liked him. Farkle let out a long sigh and could feel himself frowning, but other than that, he acted normally and no one thought anything of it.

I was given a couple ideas, and I was originally going to go with one, but found a way to work in both ideas into this fic. I got real emotional writing this, and those that know me know that it's hard to get me to cry when reading a sad fic. So grab a box of tissues, and enjoy. Maya sat in front of her computer screen, staring at blank document.

Hey guys, so I got this idea in my head and I decided to write about it.

No one knew how it happened. That day they were friends. The next, they were not. What happened?

The tension filled the room as Riley shivered under his gaze. Now he knew why she had squashed down her feelings and he knew that no matter how much he liked Maya he still like riley. You aren't the only one who gets to decide" she let a lone tear fall down her face and gulped.

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Deep cuts. Maya got up and saw, so did Riley and Lucas. He took his bike and rode to his house, his parents weren't home. He jumped of his bike and ran inside the house. He opened the his bedroom door and got the raiser and cut deeply into his arms. He struggled to open the lid.


Dec 19, - WARNING- This story contains themes such as self harm and Rated: Fiction T - English - Friendship/Romance - [Riley M., Farkle M.] Lucas F.








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