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Hey guys. I'm so happy you all enjoyed the first chapter and gave me so many reviews. You inspired me to write more and I couldn't stop so today, I present to you chapter two. Thank you guys for following and favoriting.

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Characters At Alternate Ages

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She was going to press the 'A' button on her controller to pick up the grenades but she didn't. Riley set her controller down on the table and walked away from the couch with a concerned and worried look on her face. Riley turned to Joshua and started talking, "I'm worried about Maya, Joshua. Something bad happened at school yesterday and she was lying to me when I was asked her about it.

I could tell something was wrong. I tried to call and text her to find out but she didn't reply to me. Did she call or text you? What if something bad happened? Maybe she was just stressed about something and she just didn't want to tell anyone. How about we go to her house and make sure everything's fine? I'll feel satisfied then" Riley said feeling relieved that if they go to Maya's house to check on her she'll feel fine.

I'll grab the my keys and we'll go" Joshua said and grabbed his car keys from the car keys hook on the wall. Riley and Joshua then headed to the door and were about to walk out when Cory and Topanga stopped them. Joshua parked the car and him and Riley got out. They walked up the porch to Maya's house and Riley saw that the door was opened already. Joshua nodded and they both went inside.

Joshua closed the door when they entered the living room. You check this floor for Maya and I'll check the second floor. Riley nodded agreeing and Joshua raced upstairs to find Maya. Riley went into the living room first. She looked around and Maya wasn't there.

She climbed up the stairs and went into the bathroom first. She opened the door and the sight she saw was what scared her as much as you'd see a monster in a horror movie scary. Maya was lifeless, her face was pale and her hand was sitting in a pool of blood. The sounds of running footsteps and came in bursting through the door was Joshua after hearing Riley's scream. Joshua looked to where Riley was pointing and was now just as scared as she was. He ran over to Maya and sat next to her.

Get to the hospital in the next ten minutes" Riley said trying really hard to not have her voice break down and start crying. The bleeding stopped So she should be okay until the ambulance gets here" Joshua said to Riley. Go down and tell them everything and I'll come and carry Maya down" Joshua told Riley. Riley nodded understanding the orders and walked out of Maya's room through the hallway down the stairs and to the front door.

Joshua lifted Maya up off the bathroom floor and carried her in his arms bridal style. He walked out of the bathroom through the hallway and down the stairs to the front door where Riley was standing talking to the paramedics.

Riley explained everything that had happened to the paramedic and he wrote it all down in his yellow notepad. The paramedic took Maya and laid her down on the gurney. His partner strapped Maya on their making sure she wouldn't fall. Who wants to go? Riley nodded and followed the paramedic outside to the ambulance.

Joshua followed them out and locked the door behind them. The paramedic led Riley to where the ambulance was and Riley climbed in. The paramedic closed the doors and went to the front to get into the drivers seat with his partner. He started the ignition and then they drove off. Riley waved 'goodbye' to Joshua through the windows from the back door. Josh waved 'bye' back and waited till they fully pulled off out of his sight.

Joshua then went to his car and unlocked it. He entered and put the keys in. The car started and pulled off of the street by Maya's house and started driving. Get to the hospital in the next ten minutes and me and Riley will explain what happened" Joshua said sadly. The paramedics rushed in down the hallway moving Maya's gurney to the Emergency room.

Riley was running beside them holding Maya's gurney and saying to herself, "Your going to be fine Maya. Everything's going to be fine. When they got to the emergency room the doctors pushed the gurney through the doors and locked them so they wouldn't get disturbed. Riley tried to go into the emergency room but she was stopped by one of the doctors. You can wait in the waiting room.

They'll take an hour" The doctor told Riley. Why did you make everyone worried sick? We love you and want the best for you. Did you realize what would happen to us when you did this? Mom and dad? Riley was caught up in the sound of her sobs that she didn't realize two sets of feet sit down next to her. She was still crying until two sets of arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her into a hug.

She looked up and saw Shawn was on her left and Joshua was on her right. Let's go over there" Joshua said to Shawn and told him to come with him a few feet away from the chairs they were sitting at so Riley wouldn't get more upset.

Shawn nodded and followed Joshua to a few feet away from the chairs so they could talk and Riley wouldn't feel more upset. Joshua was about to start explaining when Cory ran up to where they were. Topanga went to where Riley was sitting and sat down next to her and took her in a hug. Riley told me that something bad happened at school yesterday and that she felt Maya was lying to her when she asked her about it. Riley could tell something was wrong.

She tried to call and text her to find out but she didn't reply. We went to your house to check up on her and we found her lying on the bathroom floor with a silver blade by her. Her wrist was slashed and her hand was sitting in a pool of blood" Joshua said explaining to both Cory and Shawn what happened with Maya. Shawn just couldn't let that information sink in.

Maya was like his daughter now. A life that he needed to protect. Where is she now Josh? She's having some tests done on her. It's going to take an hour" Joshua said. Don't worry Shawny Maya's going to be okay. I know it. Cory wrapped his arm around Shawn and they all went back to where Topanga and Riley were sitting. After crying for so long Riley had ended up falling asleep on Topanga's lap. The boys all stood by the girls waiting for when the doctor was going to come out with the test results.

The doctor came out of the emergency room and Shawn and Cory rushed up to him waiting to hear what the results were. Story Story Writer Forum Community. How will Riley feel about this? Chapter 11 Riley and Joshua were hanging out in the apartment playing video games together.

Instead she pressed the 'pause' button and paused the game. Which made Joshua become concerned with his baby sister. What's wrong baby sister? They made it to the sidewalk and got into Josh's car.

They buckled up and took off. In about fifteen minutes they had made to to Maya's house. Joshua nodded. There was no answer. That's out. Next to the kitchen. Riley went into the kitchen and looked around. She wasn't there.

Riley then decided to go up to the second floor to see if Joshua might have found her.

Cory was all alone with Maya, talking to her tearfully; Riley and Katy had gone down to the canteen to get some breakfast. Cory turned around and ran to his wife, hugging her as they both cried into each other's shoulders. She put the phone down and sighed "I'm so sorry Cory, they want me at the office. Topanga sat down hesitantly, as he switched the monitor on, her faced dropped; watching the footage of Maya being stabbed and pushed to the ground.

A combination of those hits has caused a skull fracture, as you can see here. It terrified me. This is very dangerous and it is going to require major surgery to repair.

I open my eyes to see a white room. An unfamiliar white room, and it's really bright. My ankle feels like it's throbbing, but I'm covered in a blanket, so I can't even look at it. I'm having trouble seeing also, because the lights are so white.

After ascertaining that an actual stranger had entered the room, Riley attempts to scream, but the intruder covers her mouth and confides that she is running away from home, but was attracted to the decor of the window and the singing she heard, which she preferred to yelling. Glancing about, the newcomer asks Riley what she does there. Riley replies that she sits in her window hoping that someone will come and sit with her, prompting Riley to ask the other girl if she is that "someone. No longer strangers, Riley asks if they are now friends forever. Maya agrees, and Riley declares that she is now dubbing her "Peaches. The girls fool him by having Maya respond, mimicking Riley's voice. A guilty Riley immediately wants to confess, but Maya stops her, noting that she will be good for Riley.

Hey guys. Sorry it has been days since the last update but things have been a bit complicated this week since I just decided to switch school. Keep in mind that this is also a short chapter, however, chapter 8 is going to be a long one, I promise! Chapter 8 won't be uploaded until after Monday since I'm going to Germany for a Taylor Swift concert Saturday and won't be home until Sunday afternoon and Monday I have to go to a party with my friends — so hopefully chapter 8 will be uploaded Tuesday hopefully. Until then; Here's chapter siete:.

Author's Note: Well kids Rucas is over! Lucas kicked Riley to the curb and now the aftermath.

Hey guys, sorry that it's been so long, I've been working on my story a lot so… yeah, sorry. Anyways, if you want to check that out, here's the link:. Anyways, at the moment, my only story on it is 'Make it Pop: The Little Sister' and its sequel 'Life Happens', but I'm working really hard on another story that isn't a fanfiction. Anyways, let's get this story started!

I have one last sweet surprise for you all at the end of this chapter! I have had it planned since the beginning. I only have two chapters left in this story and then an epilogue to wrap up all of the characters storylines.

She was going to press the 'A' button on her controller to pick up the grenades but she didn't. Riley set her controller down on the table and walked away from the couch with a concerned and worried look on her face. Riley turned to Joshua and started talking, "I'm worried about Maya, Joshua. Something bad happened at school yesterday and she was lying to me when I was asked her about it. I could tell something was wrong. I tried to call and text her to find out but she didn't reply to me.

Riley Matthews and Maya Hart walked into their 7th grade history class, and their teacher was none other than Cory Matthews. The girls took their seats and started chatting about what their plans were for this weekend. We will talk about what it was like to live in Mississippi back in the s and s," said Cory. After everyone had received a book, Cory started talking again. The whole class groaned. Thirty minutes later, Cory gave the class notes on the chapter.

Jan 7, - She finally had blinked the world back into focus, but instead of the apartment it took her a moment to realize that not only was she in a hospital.

But I do own the plot. When people you've loved all of your life suddenly decide to leave? Well, you sit by yourself for a while and you'll try to figure it out. And you'll blame yourself. But it isn't your fault.

Hospitals weren't actually white. Farkle had forgotten that. The last time he'd been in one had been when Riley was seven years old and had to get her tonsils out. He remembered bringing her ice cream and buying her Hazel the Hippo.

Summary: Riley thinks she just passed out during 'Girl Meets Home for the Holiday' but when she wake up, everything she remembers was just a dream. While there are things that are similar, there are a lot of things that are very different, most especially: when she asks for her best friend, no one seems to know who Maya Hart is. Author's Pre-Story note: I own nothing that is owned by someone else. I only do this for entertainment.

Cory took Auggie to his Kindergarten class and phoned Rileys school to tell them neither Riley nor Maya were going to make it in today. Topanga tried to tell them she was feeling better but neither one of the girls would move from by her side.




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