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Guy best friend letter tumblr

I feel like this person that you are now is actually the real you. It hurts me to know that all my caring for you has gone to waste. I feel used. The ironic part is that we both expressed to each other that we always end up getting used by people. In this case, you ended up using me.

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A Thank You Letter To My Guy Best Friend

This is the letter I wrote for him for his birthday. Where do I start? And yes I am writing this on the night you are at your orientation…I know, how amazing am I. But I want you to know that I am going to work hard on this letter and hopefully make it special and not retarded sounding. I will also try to make you laugh with some humor but I know I probably will fail, but you can laugh at how bad my writing is!

Please also excuse weird grammar, spelling of words and sudden bursts of emoticoms or lack of them throughout the letter, you know how bi-polar I am too. You know me very well. So I should really start writing the actual letter, but I just wanted to warn you of what is up to come. Now this is where the actual letter starts hopefully. But seriously, where do I begin? We had our ups and downs and we faced the smallest to the biggest conflicts any couple can ever have and I mean it.

Right now I am trying to find the right words and way to write everything, and I swear if I put this much effort on my schoolwork, oh geez…I would become Nick Cotter or Vivian Li O.

You left early in the morning and I had my senior portrait today which by the way, you should not be excited to see. Well you kind of got sick because they are very mean people, got you drenched and cold : I am sorry.

If it makes you feel any better, my dad told me to check the mailbox and that led me to fall on my butt, then back, then finally slamming my head against the hard garage floor. I spent most of the day trying to look decent for my picture and after I got home, I watched tv and missed you a ton. Thinking about how next year is going to work. When I heard your classes and how I lost even one day with you was really hard on me.

You will have your classes and other college duties and I have SATs, AP crap, orchestra, clubs, senior projects, classes, etc. I will miss being able to just come up to you whenever I had an issue or just want someone to hug me. This is all going to be different, I will have some harder classes but also a free period hopefully 3 rd or 7 th. I am hoping you can visit often and just catch up on me here and there. I am going to miss you so much sweetheart and I know this year will be tough on us.

I know we can make it through anything and as long as I have you, we can do anything. Imagine, just over 15 months ago we met for the very first time. It was the night of March 20 th closing night of Chicago. I saw the play about 2 weeks before when you first opened but I came back for another reason that night.

My friends wanted to see it but it was all sold out so we went to McDonalds instead, the reason why I was going again was because of my crush and no it was not you. He invited me to go to the closing party not knowing that only people from the play should be the ones attending. When the play was over, I met up with him and he introduced me to the stage manager who bribed him into working the show.

We followed him to his car which I was highly impressed for the fact that he could drive little did I know he was illegal at the time and his tank-like car.

One of the first comments I made was that he should put a machine gun on it. I remember it so clearly that night, he was sitting at the driver seat and my crush was shot gun, I was on the way right, right behind him.

It seemed like a normal car ride for about 2 seconds until he told me to pick a radio station. Damn was he persistent.

He stopped in the middle of a busy road several times until I eventually with a ton of help picked a station. We shortly made it to the restaurant alive, which to me surprised me. I thought he was rich or something, since he got the food, drove and bribed people with expensive games.

I talked to many people there and I was surrounded with only guys there, but he made a conversation with me and kept talking. But make no mistake, I surely do remember the driver.

He and I surprisingly had many things in common, like our childhood tv shows and how we were both Christians. We had many good chats during the party, which still boggles my mind that it was only an hour long, at 11 pm we left and he dropped me him. On the way back, we did the same thing we did when we were going to the place. When we finally got to my house, my crush and I asked to talked for a bit and he was surprisingly to me okay with it.

It was when I was going to ask my crush to go out with me. He said sure and we spent the next couple of hours talking, I was worried that the driver was getting mad but my new boyfriend assured me he was fine with it. Then when he came out to check up on us, he was totally fine with the waiting but worried about our parents being mad at us.

Shortly after, my mom ruined the whole thing by coming out the door and the two guys bolted away. I was very thankful of him, without him me and my new boyfriend would have had to wait even longer to find out that we liked each other. Only 6 weeks did that relationship with my crush lasted, it broke my heart and put me in a world of depression. For the next four months I tried to forget about him and move on but a part of me that killed me was the hope that he wanted to get back together.

I went to Indonesia for five weeks that summer, it killed me. How I would bottle up everything and day dreaming every possible solution that can happen. Shockingly, none of them came true…But what happened after I got back was nothing I would have ever thought would happen.

I started liking my ex, the one whom I broke his heart because I wanted to be with my most recent ex. I really hurt him but he was such an amazing friend, he and I took months to recover but eventually we were talking again.

It was through the power of Maplestory where we found out our feelings for each other. But before that, there was an incident that happened that shocked even me. I knew this other guy ever since 2 nd grade, he has always been a bad boy in elementary school, one of my best friend was in love with him but he moved when middle school came.

We started talking over facebook when I was in Indonesia and he was back in town for the summer. He wanted to meet up with me and maybe have a reunion, of course I said yes, we kinda started flirting through texts, mostly because I wanted to get over my recent ex. Ever since we met up he started flirting with me so openly. After rejecting him three times, I made excuses to rejoin my friends. I ended that playdate quickly. It happened all at once and I felt so violated.

So anyways, basically I was scarred and then school started…yay…. At the 2 nd period of Bday, it was the start of French 3 or what we like to call it, Hell 3.

I was happy to find you sitting in the way back corner with my ex-best friend. Everyone was talking about this Paris trip they went to over the summer but when I finally came over to join you guys in back, Ryan Brown asked me the question that would start it all. Ever since that first chat, we would chat almost every night, it first started slow but became a daily thing. Then comes this magical night when you asked if I wanted Oreo s cookies.

I said yes and you said that you were on your way. I gave you my address and we sent our first texts. I snuck out to find you parked down the street and coming out with this box of Oreo cookies. The next time was during the same week and it was instead a 5 hour walk all around my neighborhood. We started near midnight and came back home at 5 in the morning. That was sure something to remember, and a few nights later I would tell you that I might be getting some feelings for you.

But to be totally honest, I fell for you after that very first Oreo delivery. I opened up to you so much and told you about almost everything. For months I tried everything to get you to like me.

I skipped school the next day and felt so dead inside. But one of the biggest surprises was that it would only take another day to make up. The very next day we went on another walk and things became the way they were, and maybe even better. Something you told me that night gave me so much hope.

On November 15, , You were sick at home but I asked you to pick me up from school that day, we went to a random street where something unbelievable and confusing happened. I thought it was all in my head, it seemed to me that you were grazing your lips against mine but you kept putting your finger in between us. The next day cleared everything. After school we parked somewhere and had a two hour conversation arguing what was going to happen between us.

You kept calling yourself a monster but I was there fighting for us. I wanted at least one chance for us but you kept countering everything I said. I thought it would be a short peck on the lips, but no it turned out to be a long passionate kiss in which I first did tongue o.

That Thanksgiving break was one to remember, and it kept getting better. By the time it was Black Friday, I have already introduced you to my close girlfriends. And by December, we were officially but not public couple. Winter break was amazing, I slept over at your house and we spent everyday together. Your trip to North Carolina and my tour to Arizona almost killed me, I shedded countless of tears during then. But that experience only made us stronger. When I missed church, we made love well…sorta for the first time.

This brought us even more closer and stronger.

Dear Asshole,

Remember me? What changed? How could you hurt me so damn much? I know I am to blame too. I was so stupid; I came into your house thinking we could talk.

I know that you know because I tell you on basically a daily basis. Remind you that you are so important to me.

Thank you for always being there for me. You were the one person who had ever truly gotten to know me and wanted to know what I was thinking and how I felt. Thank you for never calling me the "b word", even when I was acting like one, that just reassures me that you're a great guy and I'm lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for putting up with me crying about my broken family, when you have never experienced such issues and I hope that you never do. Each week Swoonie B will give her advice on anonymous topics submitted by readers.

Day 1 - Best Friend

Thank you for being you and for letting me be me. Thank you for not making me wear any masks or put on any fronts. Thank you sharing in my happiest moments; for listening to my saddest stories and radiating compassion and empathy from wherever you happened to be. Thank you for being the only person I ever want to confide in. Thank you for being the most beautiful person, inside and out. Thank you for making the world a better place, just by being in it. Thank you for loving more fiercely than anyone I know.

Dear Guy Best Friend Letter

Every adventure with you is like a rollercoaster ride. Every argument is like you offering me a bunch of fluffy kitties because I love them but you forgot I was allergic so you have to get me some allergy medicine because you felt bad but we both start laughing. We fight all the time, but I love you to pieces. I love talking to you because you make my day so much better. I miss you because I can feel my vibes changing with you.

This is the letter I wrote for him for his birthday. Where do I start?

Ten years? I actually have no idea. That will be the first thing you tell me after you read this. Thank you for knowing that.

It doesn’t fit anymore

You are my best friend. Hands down, without a doubt, no question. I have a lot of people whom I consider to be friends.

When I was 9, I met this girl on Wizard She was my best friend. We used to talk and play together every day. We lost touch whenever we both started high school, but we reconnected my sophomore year. We promised eachother that whenever we both graduated, we would meet in person.

Dear friend


May 8, - Dear Best Friend,. I originally wanted to write you a letter about why you're my best friend and saturate it with all the generic reasons and.


Thank You For Being My Best Friend


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