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How do i get friends on dragon city

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Dragon City is full of tricks that make your game easy, here are some of them. Dragon Market Trick. Add as many friends that play Dragon City as possible preferably from this group to your Facebook. Click on your Marketplace to send out the invites to help you with your Dragon Marketplace, make sure that you invite everyone on your friends list to maximize your gold or food income.

Wait the 5 hours for your Marketplace to collect. After you have collected, immediately go and visit Deus or a friend of yours, but I prefer Deus to be safe. The game tries to cap your intake at just 10 friends accepting to help you. The trick only works with the mobile app because you need the dragon market gem which always disappears again after reloading because of a bug.

First you have to collect exactly the amount of gems that you have to pay for the island - minus 1 gem. So for Creepy Island, which is gems, you need 99 gems.

Not 98 and not or more, it must be exactly Then go to the market and collect the 1 market gem so you have gems in total. Buy the island now. Your game will crash after a few seconds because of the "faulty" market gem and reload. After reloading you will have your 99 gems back and Creepy Island unlocked, only the 1 market gem will be missing which you had lost anyway. Gems trick Combat You get 3 Gems for finishing 1 combat and you get 3 combats every 6 hour and you have to defeat 7 players in order to finish the combat league.

Dragon City Corner.

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Dragon City is full of tricks that make your game easy, here are some of them. Dragon Market Trick. Add as many friends that play Dragon City as possible preferably from this group to your Facebook.

I only have 8 friends and need a few more to get an island. How do I find other people who play dragon city to friend me? Another good idea is to make more friends in real life, and invite them on FB. That has an added benefit of rewards in the game.

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FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. My kid is spamming my Facebook friends with Dragon City invites. I de-authorized the FB app to post on my behalf through Facebook settings, but it's still very easy to send invitations to all Facebook friends through the Dragon City app which my son usually plays on my iPad. As far as I understand, there's no way to play Dragon City without linking it to a Facebook account. Is there anyway to turn off the ability to invite Facebook friends?

Add me i havent many friends i have 9 need some more.


How do I get more friends


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Facebook Groups. Facebook groups are a great way to meet new friends to help with the Dragon Market, Tavern Recruitment, special offer dragons, completing.








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