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Is There Life After Marriage? Hence the asterisk. You can buy the book directly from his publisher here. Hope you enjoy. Then two things happened. I said that while the most obvious album would be Ziggy Stardust , I might have more to say about Diamond Dogs …and that there were lots of other options, too! I kept that idea percolating for a long time.

I just submitted a proposal in response to an open call, and was thrilled that it was accepted. CO: So, our first hearings of Diamond Dogs are rather different. You first hear it in , at age 12, which seems like the perfect age!

I was 18, in late , buying the Ryko CD reissues in rough release order. I listened to it the least of the batch between Man Who Sold and Station. I feel like I failed the test, back then. GH : So you grew up in Connecticut, too? My Bowie listening started when he was mostly just not on the radio at all, at least not the radio I heard.

It was totally word of mouth and all about who bought vinyl albums. I remember playing not Diamond Dogs but David Live ; that was my real first exposure. It was right about then that I got my first stereo and record player, and gave my parents a list of records to get me for my birthday.

From that list I got most of the early Bowie albums. Plus: Elton John, who at first vied with Bowie for my affections. In fact, because my first exposure was to David Live , and that documented the Diamond Dogs tour, there were more familiar songs on DD than on any other album.

It just annoyed me that there was no lyric sheet, and so I wanted to figure them out. That led to me listening to the songs with headphones on, over and over, putting the needle back over and over again till I got what I thought were the right lyrics. Since I found myself doing the same thing with headphones on decades later when I was writing the book, it really brought that time back.

CO: The book opens with the Floor Show , which remains among the more bizarre things Bowie ever did. You describe Diamond Dogs as an album of transition: would you agree that the Floor Show is the true prelude to it?

Did you have the Floor Show as the opening from early on, in the writing of the book? GH : Yes, from early on. If anything in the book I understate how much that blew me away, and how much it stuck in my mind for all the decades between the one time I saw it and when finally YouTube came along and I could see bits of it again.

Carmen —I want to research and write more about Carmen! I consulted with some of the major experts on rock and Spanish-language music in Los Angeles, and none of them knew anything about Carmen! CO: I forgot about Carmen! And yes, Lear and Octobriana. Bowie is churning up so much stuff in those months after the last Ziggy show. GH : Yet another never-written chapter would have been about The Astronettes, and had a lot about Ava Cherry as his connection to black music.

Oh, and one other thing: The Floor Show was a useful way for me to foreground my status as an American writer writing about an artist who was still very British. And to do so unapologetically. It allowed me, essentially, to argue that while the earlier albums had been for a UK audience, at the time of Diamond Dogs Bowie was now playing for me. CO: I find Diamond Dogs being a UK 1 album fascinating, because it shows how Ziggymania was still red-hot there and how different the cross-Atlantic markets were for Bowie in the 70s.

GH: Yes—another thing cut from the book was a lengthy piece on the difference between the UK and US audiences, including the way radio worked. It really is an Elton John song in some ways.

I thought it was an insightful observation. Is there a sense that the whole album is a dialogue between DB and his fans, in this cracked way? GH: Definitely. And I think he often thinks about his relationship with his fans. That he wrote and performed this before he really had many fans—that he made it come true through his own performance of it—is part of his brilliance.

What do you suppose creates this kind of aural sensation? The distorted instruments? And yes, all those factors play into the rottenness it conveys. And yes, I think the doubling of sounds, and of vocals, is crucial, not just for the general creepiness it produces, but that it also fits the paranoid themes of My sense is that Mike Garson is the player who lost the most due to the muddy mix on Diamond Dogs.

Rather than trying to solve the tension between the ideology of authenticity that Simon Reynolds talks about in the s, and the obsessive constructedness that was his method, he just stages that as a contradiction on the album, in song after song. Using a clip of a live Faces recording to kick off the album is part of that, too. Does that make sense? CO: Yeah, the usual degree move for Bowie? Tin Machine, 15 years later, is another variation on this. The rock version of the ideology of authenticity—which pace Simon Reynolds he was still tied to even after the glam years, had to do with the white British vision of a cultural authenticity grounded in the blues.

GH: That part of the book was me just asking lots of smart people what they thought, and pulling together what they said until I had a synthesis that I thought was right. And I got lots of technical and other advice that I incorporated.

I was at a boarding school in Connecticut, and generally very unhappy there as a semi-local surrounded by rich kids. I also tried to convince Dave to appreciate Bowie, without a lot of success.

He was an avid listener to all music, so he was patient. It stumped even him at the time. GH: Anyway, almost 40 years later, when writing the book, I got in touch with Matt and asked him to listen to it again. Coincidentally, I also went to hear some Reich performed live at about this time. Did you listen to it in a different way?

One trick I used when I was doing my thing was to completely rearrange LP sequences to try to hear them fresh—I often listened to The Next Day in its recording order; same with Blackstar.

Curious if you did something similar. Mostly I listened to them in isolation from one another, and wrote about them separately. I also initially wrote about them in order, which resulted in a manuscript about twice as long as what Bloomsbury wanted. So she helped me reorder the chapters, which made it much easier to pare down the length. Sometimes when I reread it I think the order works really well; sometimes it seems a little random to me. But then Kevin Dettmar did that for his Gang of Four book.

I do think a Keywords for David Bowie would be pretty fun to put together. Part of the reason is that I never got into the Bowie archive despite corresponding with the two curators of David Bowie Is , who were supportive and helpful , and in any event I realized early on that my contribution here was going to be primarily interpretive, not archival.

And that book should probably get going before more of the people involved pass away. I found it charming and it made me like the song a bit more. From just a few bars in, when the guitar should come in, to the final chords—which were clearly always part of the song but sound so weird just on piano, especially with a Garson trill at the end, as he keeps insisting on doing.

Thanks for pointing it out to me. When I wrote about it for the book, I found it exhausting to interpret—how does it fit in? Was it supposed to, ever? I never came up with any insights. So is the mention of Brylcreem or would turn up later in other songs. Seems similar to me. This is another difference I made consciously from what you did in your book not to try to be better, but to be different.

Mine is structured by my listening to the album. Thanks again to Glenn Hendler. A somewhat lengthier version of this conversation is on the Patreon , for those interested, along with other stuff. Also Nothing Has Changed , er, changed nothing in how Bowie was perceived—issued, like a set of bonus discs, in the midst of his grand comeback of the mids, it already seemed forgotten by the time of his death.

It built David Bowie a past, if one cluttered like a Victorian house, and plucked him out of the Eighties just as the decade expired. The aim of its third disc, which spanned from Low to Scary Monsters , was to show America what it had missed by not buying those albums when they were released, Rougvie said.

Finishing this side, I sat for a moment, then rewound to the start again. It ends with Ziggy dying on stage at the Hammersmith in It had none of the impact of the original compilation which had sold over , copies in under a year. As it turned out, the way to refresh his public self would be to retire it for a decade. Grohl : cut his solo presumably at his Alexandria, Virginia-based home studio, ca. Further west is Bethel, where the Woodstock Festival took place.

Mitchell Reid. Take a walk on the wild side!

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Menonton lanjutan serial Mahabharata dengan menggunakan subtitle Indonesia terkadang membuat kita masih bingung dan menerka-nerka apa maksud dari adegan yang sedang kita lihat, tidak dipungkiri subtitle yang ditampilkan terkadang masih ngaco dan kurang pas. Hal itu karena kebanyakan pada pembuat sub 'asal' saja dalam membuat sub, seperti dengan langsung copy-paste dari google translate, sehingga bahasa yang dihasilkan terkadang membingungkan dan bahkan tidak sesuai. Inside, a stage featuring two giant gilt thrones was being readied.

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Is There Life After Marriage? Hence the asterisk. You can buy the book directly from his publisher here. Hope you enjoy.

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Munda Soniye Tika Ke Gall Maare,. Haaye Main Teri Shadow Ban Java, Nal Nal Rahoonga Muteyare (X3). Ring Pa Deni Tere Aitki.








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