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What do u look forward to in a relationship

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And you realize how content you are just staying in with the person you care about. Or just going out with them to your favorite bar. And you remember when you used to leave alone or leave with someone you might have just met. You run into someone from your past and yeah your heart still pounds sometimes when you cross paths with certain people but there is a calmness when you introduce to the two of them. Watching sports together. Something as simple as pizza and staying in is exciting with the right person.

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6 Relationship Green Flags to Look Forward to in a New Relationship

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LinkedIn Facebook Twitter I am a man of potentials. I never look at things as how they are, but as how they could be. The thing I dislike the most is wasted potential, especially wasted talents. You never see people as they are, but everything they still can achieve in life with their abilities.

An even more relevant reason why seeing potential is a gift is because you always have something to look forward to — a relationship that can go even deeper, thinking that can be bigger and even more creative, a business than can grow higher, a more challenging mountain to climb, a party that you can make wilder I mean wiser , sex more passionate , and so on. When you see potential in everything, you can very easily find things to look forward to.

There is always something new to discover, something new to build. Life can never get boring. If you want to go after the potential you see, you must first believe it can be done. You must hope.

You must have a deep feeling of expectation and desire for a particular potential to be realized. You need a strong feeling of trust that it can be done.

Potential and hope are your two best friends. But even though you hope for the best, you have to prepare for the worst. Hope is not a strategy.

Only hoping that things will miraculously solve themselves or that something will happen because of a higher force, be it love, market trends or anything else, is a very very bad strategy.

Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen. Hope is a feeling of trust. Right on top of hope, you need a plan. You need a strategy — a superior life strategy , business strategy, project strategy, relationship strategy or whatever your goal in life is.

You need to pause for a moment, analyze the environment , set clear outcomes you want, set metrics, follow a carefully orchestrated process towards your goals, and constantly adjust your actions based on the feedback you get from interactions. And you need to innovate. You need to think big, optimally and superproactively. You need to be different and better than your competition.

By combining hope and a superior strategy, you can win big, then you can massively succeed. Fighting for your goals and dream life is not easy.

You have to put an enormous amount of hard and smart work to be slowly moving in a direction you want. Even when you have a superior plan, you keep everything agile and you carefully follow the process stages , you are often knocked out by failing and collapses.

Adversity and unexpected breakdowns can take all your passion and life energy in a single second. Without strong hope, you will definitely give up on life sooner or later. Without an unbreakable spirit filled with hope and without seeing potential that you can go after, you stop fighting.

You stop going forward, you stop innovating and improving yourself. You resign yourself to an average life and you slowly start turning into a zombie. When you stop fighting, life only hits harder and your situation only gets worse. The easy road, represented by giving up, always turns into a hard road. Make sure you never lose hope. Never ever. No matter how difficult your situation is, no matter how hard life knocked you down, never give up. Never stop hoping for a better future.

There is always a way to go forward, there is always a step to make towards a better life, there is always something to look forward to. Instead of drowning in misery and cursing life, take a piece of paper and list all the things you can look forward to. People to meet, things to read, a new project to initiate or things to create, the sun on your face, a tasty meal, a visit to the gym or a cup of coffee.

List at least 50 things; or rather There are so many big and small things you can look forward to. Every day, without exceptions. Here are a few additional ideas for how to use to your advantage the power to look forward to life events:. When you are born, you are uncertain about life, and the only way to develop hope is to get consistent, predictable and reliable care from your parents or a non-parent caretaker. To be even more exact, three conditions have to be fulfilled in order to develop trust and hope: A caretaker has to:.

The first step you can do is to take better care of yourself and your environment. According to the three conditions that have to be met in order for an infant to develop trust, make sure you have such a relationship with yourself and others in your adult life , and that you organize your environment in a way that provides such stability.

Here are a few ideas how:. Success in life is not doing something remarkable. Success in life is doing everyday ordinary things in a remarkably consistent and disciplined way. Hope and never ever give up. Blaz Kos writes about data-driven personal development at AgileLeanLife. Blaz Kos helps people shape superior life strategies by: 1 employing the best business practices in personal life management, 2 teaching established psychological techniques to better manage mind and emotions, and 3 setting goals based on understanding market paradigms, the quantified self, and following cold hardcore metrics that prevent any fake feeling of progress.

He is obsessively passionate about hi-tech, mass media, personal development and making the world a better place. Personal development. Always have something to look forward to. Related Posts.

What do you look forward to about your relationship?

LinkedIn Facebook Twitter I am a man of potentials. I never look at things as how they are, but as how they could be. The thing I dislike the most is wasted potential, especially wasted talents.

Whether we admit it or not, it is a favorite topic. From puberty on, there is a natural curiosity and excitement generated at the thought of sex; and, despite the guilt many have tried to attach to it, sex is good. God created it and it is good.

Nothing compares to that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you start out with a relationship. It's all butterflies and hearts everywhere, who doesn't love that? Along with that comes a few other things that just about every couple experiences. The first time you hang out one-on-one and yes, Netflixing counts. Nothing is more exciting than letting out all your pent-up crush energy on a first date.

10 Things To Look Forward To After You Say “I Do!”

After all, your love is a gift. You also feel like you can be honest and speak your mind without fear of judgment or ridicule. You enjoy being around them. Do you feel joyful? Are you smiling more than you usually do? Are your friends noticing a positive change in your mood? Boundaries are important in any new relationship. You are still getting to know each other, and you need to take stock of all the green flags before passing go.

What Should I Look for in a Partner?

We look forward to coffee in the morning, we regret that we have to go to work; we look forward to coming home at the end of the day, we dislike that we have to do laundry. We end up passive, joyless, unhappy, and unfulfilled. You can have crazy amounts of joy and excitement in life if you just change the perspective from which you view things. And you can do it by following this one simple rule:.

The day you say your "I do's" only marks the beginning and is only an opening of what could be an amazing life ahead.

Nice eyes? A great smile? A quirky sense of humor? Look for someone who:.

The 6 Greatest 🙌 Things to Look Forward to 😍 in a New Relationship 💑 ...

Before I met my current partner, I was that single girl — the one who was always going on dates but, for one reason or another, never connected with anyone in a serious way. I was perpetually single and searching for a relationship, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't spend plenty of time imagining the best things about being in a relationship : I loved the idea of constant cuddling, cooking meals together, and eventually splitting the rent. Although I wasn't ashamed of my relationship status and knew that there were plenty of benefits of being perpetually single , I still always looked forward to being in love.

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Top Rated Discussions. Log In. Tagged Discussions. We all expect something out of our relationships I look forward to the following regarding my relationships: 1. I am just looking for the respect and love I am gaining from my boyfriend

40 Little Things You Look Forward To When You’ve Met The Right Person

I look forward to being with only one person. I look forward to not having that title. Someone who wants to be a part of it. Someone who can tolerate my little quirks that I might not even notice but they somehow accept it. Not worrying to make any as the weekend comes around. I look forward to having a plus 1 to every event I go to even though I grew very used to walking into a room confidently and alone.

I look forward to a fruitful relationship, and I'm glad you're here. Of course, you are receiving me not only in my capacity as President of Nigeria but also in my  George Walker Bush - - ‎Political Science.

Barton Goldsmith. Ever wondered why nearly half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce? Every person is different and looks for different things really complicated, we know.

14 Things To Look Forward To In A Relationship







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