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When a guy ask if you have boyfriend

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Author Kathy Batesel writes about topics she has experienced, worked with, or researched thoroughly. Is he interested? Is he being friendly? Does he just want you to be a convenient booty-call? How should you act around him? Sometimes it can seem like you have more questions than answers about the new guy who has stepped into your life.

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How To Know If You Boyfriend Wants A Future With You

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Well when a guy asks you if you have a boyfriend, most of the time it means he's interested, or his friend is interested and he is just asking for his friend. Another thing, if you tell him "No, I don't have a boyfriend," and he starts asking who you like, then he, OR his friend is interested. If you say you do have a boyfriend and he starts asking who he is, what he is like, why you chose him, etc.

Yes honey. He is askinng what u r going to do to him sexually. And if ur really not sure what he means just ask him. And usually the guy with want you to tell him that you want to give him a bj or ask him if that's what he wants.

But honney I realy suggest you wait for those things till ur older. It was when I was working at a shop 4 years ago I was new there and this guy who I worked with we was putting items on the shelf and he kept talking to me and asking me all sorts of questions and he randomly came out with "do you have a boyfriend? Yeah, probably, but I've talked to guys and asked if they had a girlfriend, just because we were talking about that stuff, not because I liked them.

Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Elysia Lv 6. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Meg, The answer is maybe. But it does show an interest in you at a personal level?

You answer could be No, it could be out of sheer curiousity. Don't read into things to much. Of course he is. He just wants to know if you are available so he can proceed with courting you. Show more answers Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

if a guy asks you if you have a boyfriend...?

By Ortac, September 9, in Asexual Relationships. I have a question which is aimed primarily towards single aces. If someone asks you why you do not have a boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or whatever, what do you say? I am hoping for some good ideas which will be useful for me and anyone else who finds it difficult to answer that question. Longer answer 1: "Find me someone who makes me feel like a last-minute winner in an away match does and I'll reconsider.

He may ask you if you have a boyfriend while making conversation with you about relationships in general. As a result, he may naturally ask you if you have a boyfriend because the conversation is dealing with relationships in general. If he asks you if you have a boyfriend when engaged in these types of conversations about relationships in general, there is a chance that he is just making conversation and going to the next logical question.

There are some questions about men that only a guy can answer. We asked the dudes at guyspeak. Q: How do I know if a guy wants me for a playmate or potential partner? Guys are always thinking about sex, so what do I look for before I get intimate with a guy? I think if you spend enough time with him, his motives will become apparent.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Asks If You Have A Boyfriend?

In my case it did not work the guy I liekd and went out once asked me what was myh lstatus if I was with someone and he seemed interested but then he blew me off not right away but like one month after. Why he will aks me that if he is thinking in not continue to see me anymore. It was a cute way of seeing if you are single! Go and let him take you around Paris at night! Tell him, you find him very sweet, but you are saving yourself for a tunisian man you promised to marry. Guy's Behavior. ElissaDido Master. I was talking to a guy we talk from time to time and then I told him I was upset because I was going to go out with my bestfriend but she's sick, and she has been always sick since she started dating her boyfriend. Then he laughed and lowered his voice and said, so you must be always sick too, since you have a boyfriend, because you have a boyfriend, right?

20 Signs of Attraction in the First Conversation

Asking a guy to be your boyfriend can be scary, but it doesn't have to be. With the right mindset, you can have a meaningful conversation about the future of your relationship with a guy without feeling stressed. Start by telling him what you like about him and then explain your feelings toward him. Then, ask him to be your boyfriend, and define what that means to you.

Trying to figure out whether a guy likes you or not? Here the 21 most important signs that a guy likes you.

If a guy recently asked whether or not you have a boyfriend then you might be wondering why and what it might mean about the way that he feels about you. This post will show you a number of reasons why he might have asked and why other guys might do the same in the future. So, what does it mean when a guy asks if you have a boyfriend?

Ask A Guy: "How Do I Know If a Guy is Just Looking for Sex or Wants a Relationship?"

Are you looking for the best answer to give when your partner asks why you love him? For years, I was stuck in relationships with guys who I loved more than they loved me. Throughout these relationships I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

Top Rated Discussions. Log In. Tagged Discussions. Okay, so there's this guy that I kind of like. And recently, he asked me if I had a boyfriend. Is there any real meaning to it?

How to Recognize If He Is Interested in You

If you think you're ready to confidently label him as "The One," it can be rather nerve-wracking to figure out if he'd put you in the same category. Krissy Dolor, Director of Client Success at eFlirt Expert , says there's no "foolproof" way to tell whether or not a guy sees a future with you. That being said, there are a few tell-tale signs that could help you assess your dating situation. Here are a few of the things you can ask yourself to help figure out whether you and "The One" truly have a future together. Have you met his family?

Jun 14, - He Asks You About Your Love Life: If he acts interested about your past relationships, you can bet he is trying to figure out if you are single and.

This statistic was no surprise to me. When I was single for nearly all of my twenties , I never had a problem with my single self until the weather started getting a little bit colder. So, if the holidays are getting you down because you feel like the world or maybe just your parents wants lovers in love, and you, well, aren't, beat those love-crazed fools to the punch with a few tricks from a longtime single pro. I think one of the worst things about being asked "Are you dating anyone?

What does it mean when a guy asks if you have a boyfriend?

Coz in some cases it might just be a curiousity question n the girl might think he's tryin to hit on her. It is important to ask for the knowledge would be helpful. Just as important as asking if you are married? Do you have a boyfriend?

What does it mean when a guy asks you if you have a boyfriend?

Do you want to know the signs of attraction that all guys give away, subtly or directly, each time they like a girl and are talking to her? Does he ask you personal questions in the very first conversation? Sometimes, a guy who likes you in the very first conversation may try too hard to please you. A lot.

Well when a guy asks you if you have a boyfriend, most of the time it means he's interested, or his friend is interested and he is just asking for his friend.


4 Positive Ways to Handle the ‘Do You Have a Boyfriend?’ Question This Thanksgiving



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